Coming up with a killer social

media marketing strategy

Simply posting on social media networks is not enough to make you your business succeed online. The larger networks are now more focused towards showing content to users who are more likely to be interested in it even if you go with the paid ad campaign.

And that is calculated by how much your post receives engagements.If it’s not worth engaging users, it’s probably not worth showing to the users

There was a time when you could just post regularly and you will appear in people’s newsfeeds. But things now have changed. You now need to produce content that would encourage users to engage with you

Think of the “Japanese Jiggly cake” campaign that started and went viral overall social media platforms.

Another example of a successful campaign is “What color is the dress?” the simple question went so viral that it started fascinating every other including the psychologist and celebrities too.

So, it’s more rationale to align your content properly instead of just dumping it over your social profiles.

What Kind of Content Grabs the most attention on social media?

Here are a few types of content that people love to engage with

• Statistics – Providing a statistical report about your industry

• Humor – Everyone loves humor and if your posts have it you are going to have a lot of engagements and followers

• Emotions – Posts that trigger emotions are a great way to grab attention, just keep in mind to do it strategically.

• Video Content is Killing it! – Yes, we said it, an interesting 20 – 30 seconds video telling an interesting story or facts about your product or industry can really help you engage more audience and video content gets 40% more shares then image content.

• Informative posts and Guides – If you know what your audience is looking for, a blog about providing a valid and authentic solution to their problem is the way to go.