Creative Ways You MUST Adapt to

Market Your Business in 2019

You can always come up with the best and innovative product ideas, and even be producing some of the best quality products at prices much lower than others. However, that is not all that leads to a high market share, you first need people to buy your product or use your services.

To meet that you need to promote your product and find creative ways to market to gain attention from the market and entice people to become your customer.

That does not come easy, it requires a lot of finance, time and effort.

To make things easier here is a list of some effective ideas that could be used to do a huge market share or a rise in sales.

Make use of “Reddit”.

Reddit is a website famously known for discussion about various topics ranging from technology, news, photography and the list goes on.

Companies also have their own product subreddits created there, which is basically a forum dedicated to discussion related to only their products or to post the latest news and updates. Businesses can either create their subreddits or use other subreddits related to their products to promote their products by simply placing ads in the form of video links, images or even a link to their product information present on their website.

Many companies, especially technology related ones use this to gain product reviews and give tech support to the users.


Apart from placing advertisements, this is the electronic way of “spreading the word”. Referrals through existing customers to their friends is one of the easiest and effective ways to promote your product or service.

It does not need much financing either as you can just reward the person sending out referrals with a minor reward for many referrals sent.

Online Competitions

Competitions are yet another effective way to let the world know about your product. The logic is simple, people like free stuff. So if you set up a competition where the winner takes the prize and get people to compete, not only will people get to know about your brand but the winners who get rewarded with your product or service may end up recommending your brand to several others. All of this just for the price of one or a few of your products.

Sponsoring events

Sponsoring is a way to mass promote your services and products. It also gives you an opportunity to get user reviews in case you are providing your products or services at the event.

Apart from the reviews if people like what you are selling by trying it out at the event they may end up being permanent buyers of your product, and also end up spreading the word.

Vlogger/Youtuber promotions

In the age of technology where people are always glued to their phones watching famous bloggers or YouTube’s, it makes it very easy to attract audience towards your product.

You simply have to pay any Youtuber or famous vlogger to promote your product through any means they can in their video, and voila you will have reached millions of people through just one ad.

Rewards linked to other products

This kind of promotion requires a good understanding with the other brand, and once that is achieved both brands will benefit. The concept is to place offers or rewards for your brand on the purchase of other brands services

This could be in the form of a discount or a free product just for trial which could end up customers using your product in the long run

The catch is to place the offer for a limited time and then you are good to go.

Using memes

The easiest form of promotion, and the one which is highly trending right now. All you need is a social media page, decent image editing and a little bit of wit.

Follow the trends going on in the social media world and what kind of memes other people are posting, just edit that meme and insert something funny related to your product which relates to the meme.

If you succeed in being funny you will end up having that meme being shared among millions of people and at the cost of almost nothing.

Advertisement through mobile games and applications

Most applications on smartphones earn through placing advertisements that can not be skipped to access some features of the application. Most games on the mobile platform have adopted this method, and both brands and the developers are benefitting from this.

You just have to pay an amount for placing the advertisement, but you have to make sure that the application is being used by many people to capture more of the audience.

Other than the conventional methods being used for a long time to advertise your products. These were the few ideas that can help your market share grow even .

What makes them effective is that they mostly involve technology which is ever-growing and the best way to effectively capture the attention of millions of people around the globe in a few easy steps and lower financing as compared to other conventional methods.